Admission, or application essays usually come in two types: with a list of topics to choose from, or with a single topic leaving you no choice, but you shouldnt be so concerned about it. In fact, there is little difference between the two, as this type of essay isnt exactly about presenting the topic well, but about presenting yourself. Whatever the topic is, tell us about yourself or other, it is worth focusing on personal strengths, achievements, life values and goals, as well as people, situations and experiences that have influenced your lifestyle and outlook or made you change your mind about something. To put it short, you can include almost anything that illustrates who you once have been, who you currently are, who are you planning to be and the significant changes or moments taking you from one of these stages to the other. Keep it in mind that you need to make a good impression, not a strange one, so the almost filter is an essential and quite a complicated method you should use. Our experts can help you to determine which points and examples are important and which are not, what you should include or what youd better leave out to avoid your essay being too loose or informal.

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